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Stellar Corona - Custom Smuggler/Pirate WIP

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  • Stellar Corona - Custom Smuggler/Pirate WIP

    Now that I have Fabric, I thought I'd revive my WIP thread. I decided to take inspiration for some of the more colorful characters out there - often literally! To name a few, we have:
    Noira, the Pirate Queen
    MPQ_Episode_II_Going_to_Ground.png swe13_12111_coverfigure_jasonrainville.png

    The pirate here in red

    Guri and Mara Jade

    Torra Doza

    Just to name a few.

    For concept art I went with a 3 color design, utilizing color blocking and quilt blocks that all these characters have in common.

    For fabric, I picked up some 4 way stretch scuba. The magenta and teal sections will be quilted on the bias to keep the stretch properties.

    I have a black belt and Westar 35 holster on order.

    I originally planned to make a jacket, but have been unhappy with leather colors and designs, so to start I may try a duster instead, Cal Kestis style. I'd also like to add a robot hand for the left, and some sort of vibrosword. And of course, greeblies everywhere. Will hopefully start sewing in the next couple weeks, so more updates then!
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    Hmm, interesting. So far nothing has been said about not having bright colors, just as long as they can appear "darkside" themed. The first 2 pictures certainly are on the darkside scale. Interested to hear/see more.

    Bonus points for using Guri as inspiration. Points taken away for Resistance (hahaha just joking).


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      I kinda vibe with Lando's bright shiny smuggler vibe and the mods from BoBF.

      Sadly haven't made the progress I wanted due to a bout of Covid that last almost 2 weeks. I did however receive my belt and holster from Darman's Props. I went with a Westar-35 since I have multiple extras lying around from my Sabine builds.

      I keep going back and forth on what to do for a jacket. How much leeway do we have on moto-style snaps and zippers now that we have one in canon (Drash)? I sadly discovered I do not have a sewing machine with the power to stitch through enough layers to make one in the style, but purchasing removing snaps and zippers would be exceedingly difficult due to the facings or leaving holes. Would love to hear thoughts on this or If I'll need to find a way to make a more andor style jacket.


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        Late reply apologies. Had covid as well and trying to get back into the swing of things. The zippers and buttons have been a pretty hot topic as well as some other items. My personal thoughts are that those jackets would only be feasible for those Mod costumes. Zippers can be hidden to an extent though; Painted to match the coat with flipper removed possibly, covered with another material, any other creative idea someone has. Buttons are a bit more difficult. Painted to match is a start. Typically we want to cover or hide any attachment methods or points.


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          The covid struggle is real. I have a friend helping me try and come up with a pattern from scratch - we'll see where it goes.


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            I like the concept and love where this is going.


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              You might also look at the Book of Boba series and the costumes used in the casino/bar for inspiration and guidance.


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                Commenting to follow, tried to comment a month or two ago but the forums weren't allowing replies at the time.


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                  i really like the concept and agree with making it more dark (or darker in style as that is what are characters are) but love the item can't wait to see what you do with it