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Generic Smuggler / Pirate / Bounty Hunter

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  • Generic Smuggler / Pirate / Bounty Hunter

    I've had some base parts of a costume for a little while, and I'm just now getting an idea of how I want it pieced together.

    My current plan is to use the full under shirt from my generic jedi (RL and SG approved). The helmet, chest/back armour and backpack from my almost submitted HWT TK (I'm looking into modifying the helmet with maybe greeblies and a paint scheme. Over the armour, but under the backpack, I have a kinda shawl, and then a desert shemagh over the top round the neck.

    Ill need gloves to hide my not in universe hand tattoos. Not sure what yet. I have a few options available already.

    At the moment I have my jedi trousers and boots, but I'm looking into some kind of cargo pants, slip on ankle boots, and snake proof gaiters.

    I have a black tactical belt that I'll hang my esb tk holster from, that'll hold my 501st cleared esb e11, and I'll mount my se-14r to the backpack. the belt will also have loops for a matching pair of found part thermal detonators.

    I also have macrobinoculars that'll hang from a strap diagonally across my chest.

    Apologies there's no pics yet. I have everything listed above already, except the following:
    - cargo pants
    - snake proof gaiters
    - loops on the belt for the thermal dets
    - weathering / custom paint / greeblies on the tk lid

    Will attempt a kit up with what I have asap

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    Sounds like you have a good solid plan and I would like to see your photos when you get them.

    Your armor should be fine since you are only using three pieces and you will be modifying them.
    The desert shemagh, should be of solid color, no pattern.
    On your gloves make sure you remove or cover any logos.
    Using Jedi style pants, and under tunic would be fine. Those are pretty much universal and anyone could be wearing them. If you go for cargo pants instead, try to steer away from modern military cargo pants. Try to find something close to what Rebel fleet troopers wear but in the color you are wanting. The idea is to try to stay away from the 3 pleat pocket that modern military pants have. Also FYI, if use cargo pants, make sure something you are wearing hides the back pockets.
    Jedi boots would work or your idea for ankle boots and gaiters would work nicely.
    I have a concern about the black tactical belt, if this is current real world military like it sounds would not be approvable. In Star Wars so far that we have seen has a belt is made out of leather.

    You are off to a great start and hopefully this feedback is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.


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      Thank you for this. Very helpful, especially steering me away from potential problems.

      I've taken a few pics to show ideas.

      The boots aren't clear in these pics, but are the jedi boots I have cleared with RL and Saber Guild. They're my preference now if you think they're OK.

      The shemagh is all one colour.

      I bought some new trousers today in what I think is a better colour.

      The backpack is what I built for my unfinished HWT TK. It needs weathering (and a small repair), and I'm tempted to add an aerial and thin camouflage scrim netting. I'm also considering having some kind of mount on there for my se14r.

      The black tactical belt is now only holding up my trousers and won't be visible.

      Not sure what I'm going to do yet for a belt to carry my e11 holster. Probably a brown faux leather belt (I'm vegan) if I can find one long enough.

      I'm not wearing my jedi undershirt in this pic. May source something else.

      My helmet will be going away for a custom paint job with a heavy influence of US army Vietnam M1 helmets. The guy I'm sending it to for painting has the same kind of elastic strap and produces sabac cards. I also have a kamino saber dart that will likely hang from the helmet somewhere.

      Gloves are not worn here, and thermal detonators will be added to the brown belt.

      May add tk ab armour rather than chest armour. Chest armour wont be as visible under the shemagh and outer tunic, and I have spare ab armour I can properly/permanently customise and weather.

      Also, all clothing will likely be weathered, probably some real world clay and dirt.
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        Looking good so far. Good luck in finding a faux leather belt that is sturdy and will hold up.


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          I've made a belt using faux leather wrapped around a more sturdy core. I've attached a couple of loops for greeblies and tested with my holstered rubber e11 hanging off one side, and all good. Found a good imperial officer buckle that I've used with it. Just need to punch a hole in the right place to fasten it and that's the belt done.

          May make a holster for my se14r too. Can't decide if two holsters is overkill (?)