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Generic Twi'lek sith WIP?

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  • Generic Twi'lek sith WIP?

    I finally convinced myself to take the plunge off into cosplay after years of being to intimidated to do so. I had no idea what TDE was before I started this, and this is very much my first cosplay effort period( I have done steampunk and medieval reenactment in the past/current).

    My plans already include color matching tights a bit better with the correct paint, furthering the head band(i have several embellishments for it), and generally working on the cincher.

    from my understanding of standards for the group, my biggest problem areas lie in the visible laces on the shoes, and the clothing closures.

    My intent was to build from leather Sabaton like fixtures to effectively cover the shoe lacing( finding shoes that dont look generic jedi in my size that will work is difficult).

    For the closures, I had considered adding either plate or leather panels down the busk, possibly as a diamon shape, and closing the lacing in the back in in the style of a japanes do with two added panels overlapping a sei-ita( ive never seen the exact style used, but armor closing in overlapping plates , especially in Eastern style armors, would produce a fixture-less closure and fits thematically) style plate. I could retain the adjustability of the corset without any lacing being visible. I would probably add tassets as well, shaped in a curve you see in burgundian and Italian armors, but shifted outward to the ball of the hip in a more "swarzy" placement( they're still functional there, but that's usually more the domain of a fault in western armors).

    I am on the lookout for a new cincher in a more muted fabric, but again.....sizing is a pain.

    The Saber hilt has a pixel blade to go with it btw. It's a bit longer than I intended, but was meant to proportionally match my harnischfechten blades.

    I'm hoping I'm on the right track and might find some feedback, I've quite enjoyed stepping off into doing this, and hope to make friends and continue enjoying myself going forward!
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    What I see looks great. I'd love to say I'm an expert in all of the things you were talking about but sadly I am not and the words used I can only assume what they all mean. Mind kinda blown at the moment lol.

    What I gather is that you intend to cover lacing and latching with panels that will look like there is no closure method. That is PERFECT! We use a lot of velcro to hold panels onto clothing so it covers things that are not allowed.

    As for the boots, many look very similar to Jedi boots, it's true. There are shorter versions of Engineer boots with zippers on the inside that are approvable but spats work as well to cover the laces.

    Overall, very nice work. You're definitely on the right track


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      Thank you for the compliments! I'm sorry, I forget Armour terminology is a mix of about 5 or 6 languages, and most of the terminology resembles some form of strange spell casting! It is one of my great passions in reenactment, i get over enthusiastic! Doesn't help thisnus my first cosplay so... I'm a bit excited!

      is the corselet/waist cincher material acceptable? It wasnt expensive, and fits well enough, so it makes a good bassis for modification with minimal sewing skills :-P

      I'm going to get through this con as is, then start working in patterning some pieces. I think I will go with worbla for durability and ease of shaping, but may make Crider pieces from much cheaper craft foam first, and run them by y'all before moving into the more expensive worbla.

      I'm also going to rebuild the lightsaber a bit, i want to take about 3" out of the hilt, build a crystal chamber from one of TCSS's LED crystals and go from there. The video is the Sabre, and a bit of an explanation on the real world swords I based the longer hilt and overall proportions on ( By was of translation: HEMA is historical European marshal arts, mainly focused on the German and Italian longsword and pollard of the 15th and 16th century. Harnischfechten is historically based armored fighting of the same period). I built it in 2019 and it has sat mostly...... well that and my mother is known to take it to school and wield it (jokingly) while riding her scooter chair down the hallway. I've also loaned her reenactment helms and made pool noodle lances for the same purpose..... that's actual where it is this morning, trying to get kids interested in going to see Sabre guild in Beaumont tomorrow 😉

      Tha knyou again for the kind words. Though verbose, I'm actually an incredibly shy and insecure person when it come to this kind of thing, and the compliments and positive reception I've gotten from the Houston community, ( including a most excellent 501st/legion member who pointed me here!)and now hearing from yall I'm headed the right way, is definitely improving how I feel about doing all this. Star Wars was my life for many years.... it's fun to come back and find the cosplay community I watched grow from afar be so nice!